14 Filipinos caught in Indonesia’s Bunyu Island

By on June 2, 2017

Palau Bunyu (Google Maps photo)
Palau Bunyu (Google Maps photo)

NUNUKAN, N. Kalimantan (June 2) — Dozens of nationals from the Philippines were caught by the security officers of coal mining company PT Lamindo Intermulticon in Bunyu Island, Bulungan regency, North Kalimantan.

Commander of the navy base in Bunyu Island, Second Lieutenant Sea M Hirin, confirmed the information through a short message received by ANTARA on Thursday.

A total of 14 Filipinos were caught by the security authority for illegally entering Indonesia’s territory.

A security officer of the mining company first discovered two suspicious men who were holding jerry cans on Thursday morning around 7:30 a.m. local time.

The men, who had crossed the border, had cans likely to be filled with fuel.

Currently, the Filipinos are being interrogated at the islands’ navy base.

“We are still conducting the data and interrogation process,” Hirin noted. (ANTARA)