‘So sad he’s gone’ fans react to death of Jonathan Demme

By on April 27, 2017

Some reaction to the death of filmmaker Jonathan Demme. (Photo: Bruno Chatelin/ Flickr)
Some reaction to the death of filmmaker Jonathan Demme. (Photo: Bruno Chatelin/ Flickr)

Some reaction to the death of filmmaker Jonathan Demme.

“Jonathan taught us how big a heart a person can have, and how it will guide how we live and what we do for a living. He was the grandest of men.” – actor Tom Hanks in a statement.

“Jonathan Demme was a great artist, humanitarian, activist & a warm encouraging colleague. I’ve known very few like him. He will be missed.” – director Ron Howard via Twitter.

“Deeply sad to hear my friend, neighbour, and colleague Jonathan Demme has passed on. He was one of the real good guys. I miss you, buddy.” – writer Stephen King via Twitter.

“Whenever I ran into Jonathan, he was filled with enthusiasm and excitement about a new project. He took so much joy in moviemaking. His pictures have an inner lyricism that just lifts them off the ground–even a story like ‘The Silence of the Lambs.”’ – director Martin Scorsese in a statement.

“Met tons through the Moonlight run but my man Demme was the kindest, most generous. A MASSIVE soul. He lived in love. And rests in peace.” – “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins via Twitter.

“He was an inspiration for me, a beautiful filmmaker and a great spirit. Always smiling, always involved with the world and always pushing you to go for your best. He’ll be deeply missed.” – singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen in a statement.

“Very sad to hear of the passing of the great Jonathan Demme. Admired his movies, his documentaries, his concert films. He could do anything.” – director Edgar Wright via Twitter.

“Words just aren’t enough with heartache like this. You, master of humanity. You, genius of storytelling. You, generous and warm man. You, special soul. You taught me so much about life and art and about standing up for what you believe. You made me better at my craft. And, the time I spent with you away from a camera and a stage made a better human out of me.” – Justin Timberlake via Instagram.

“RIP Jonathan Demme. Inspiring filmmaker, musical explorer, ornithologist (!), and truly wonderful and generous person.” – director Jim Jarmusch via Twitter.

“Jonathan Demme was a gifted and versatile filmmaker. RIP.” – actor Michael McKean via Twitter.

“I last saw Jonathan Demme four years ago today. Had no idea till this morning that it would be for the last time. Jonathan was a born movie-maker: he loved people and he loved filming them. Fictional or actual, he caught so many lives and glimpses of lives and framed them for others to enjoy. Jonathan was a true keeper of souls, and now we must celebrate his. He did a lot for me, too – thank you, JD. ‘Are you ready for your close-up?’ – musician Robyn Hitchcock in a statement.

“RIP dearest Jonathan Demme. The world lost one of its purest, most loving and talented souls today. My heart is broken. I love you.” – actress Christine Lahti via Twitter.

“Terribly sad at the passing of Jonathan Demme. A lovely man, a great director and a kind soul. My love and prayers to his family.” – actor Tim Robbins via Twitter.

“Jonathan Demme was a singular director who made vitally human films. His ‘Something Wild’ is a seminal movie for me. So sad he’s gone.” – actor and writer Pat Healy via Twitter.

“Oh no. Jonathan Demme. One of our great filmmakers one of the most beautiful souls on the planet. Another magical irreplaceable friend gone.” – musician Stevie Van Zandt via Twitter.

“Ted Demme and I were worried about making The Ref when his uncle Jonathan Demme said something profound: ‘Stop talking and start shooting.”’ – actor Denis Leary via Twitter.

“Heartbroken to hear of Jonathan Demme’s passing. Among the greatest privileges of my life was briefly experiencing his kindness and genius.” – actor Ben Platt, who appeared in Demme’s “Ricki and the Flash,” via Twitter.

“Jonathan had a keen ability to meld his passion for music and storytelling in works that showed us the world in a new light. It was an honour to have worked with him on one of his last projects.” – Greg Harris, president and CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in a statement.

“I’m devastated to hear about Jonathan Demme’s death. He was one of the greatest filmmakers I ever worked with. A total class act.” – “Swimming to Cambodia” producer Ira Deutchman, who also helped market and distribute “Stop Making Sense,” via Twitter.