Trump positive on direct attacks against NoKor

By , on April 19, 2017


US President Donald Trump said that he is willing to consider enforcing military action towards North Korea after its failed medium-range missile test last weekend.

Trump said that he wouldn’t want to take the lead in ordering military action towards the area and would prefer if China would take the lead to deal with its neighboring ally.

To begin with, Trump had insisted that he is not at all interested in bringing Kim Jong-un’s regime down, nor the reunification of the two Koreas. However, according to an anonymous source, Trump would rather promote long-term cooperation within the members of the region.

Meanwhile, yesterday, US Vice President Mike Pence went to Panmunjom, the militarized border between South and North Korea stating that “all options are on the table” when it comes to dealing with Pyongyang.

Pence denounced Pyongyang’s aggressive nuclear arms.

Speaking before 28,500 US military personnel stationed in South Korea, he said that Pyongyang’s test was a form of “provocation”.

“Let me assure the public that under President Trump’s leadership, our resolve has never been stronger, our commitment to this historic alliance with the courageous people of South Korea has never been stronger, and with your help and God’s help, freedom will ever prevail on this peninsula,” he added.

It has been reported that the latest launch by North Korea failed when the missile blew up seconds after blast off. It was prior to the testing that a military parade held in Pyongyang where the military had featured about 60 missiles; one being suspected of being a new intercontinental ballistic missile.