Lawmakers to work in improving housing scheme

By , on March 30, 2017

Photo: John Christian Fjellestad/
Photo: John Christian Fjellestad/

As the members of the militant group Kadamay remain in Pandi, Bulacan after taking over various idle housing units in the area three weeks ago, lawmakers on the land are considering to pass eight bills in order to address the housing problem in the country.

Tondo, Manila Representative Manuel Luis “Manny” Lopez said yesterday that more decisive government action is needed to solve the problem of squatting as he called for the enactment of RA 7279 or the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992.

He urged the National Housing Administration, the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and other government agencies involved in housing to make Tondo Manila as a model for the housing law.

He said that the House of Representatives is now looking at eight bills for “on-site, or near-city resettlement programs in order to help solve the problem of housing shortage in the country and minimize squatting.

According to Lopez, that while the overall Philippine population is expected to increase in the next coming years, places like Manila will expect more people and this would make relocation more challenging for the government. As of the moment, Manila has a total of 42,628 people per square kilometer. He cited that the government should act on the growing housing problem as it is also a factor in addressing poverty as a whole.

“We need to establish social order first in order for the community to have public order,” he said.

For the disgruntled members of Kadamay however, the stand off still continues despite eviction notices given out by the National Housing Authority last week. Other groups had expressed their support of Kadamay and their clamor to have access to free mass housing for the poor.