Word war continues between Duterte and critics

By , on March 23, 2017

Photo: President "Rody" Duterte/Facebook.com
Photo: President “Rody” Duterte/Facebook.com

Despite a pending impeachment complaint filed against him, President Rodrigo Duterte continued responding to his critics. While in Bangkok, the President said that in the event he goes to hell, he is sure that he would see Sen. Leila De Lima there.

He said that De Lima, whom he had accused as the primary figure who proliferated the drug trade inside the Bilibid Prisons is the one that the devil is waiting for.

The President also accused Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV for collecting money from various businesses and mocked his participation in two failed coup d’etats during Arroyo’s term in 2003 and in 2007.

“What did that son of a b**** do? Didn’t he rebel? He marched and seized the Peninsula Hotel, as well as set up a barricade. When the police arrived, he and his coward companions surrendered. Now that he is a senator, he is making it appear that he is clean,” he said.  

In a separate event, Trillanes called Duterte a “pathological liar” and challenged the President to sue him in court over his money-collecting claims.

The Senator also insisted that his accusations about the President, such as owning secret bank accounts to commanding the notorious “Davao Death Squad” are all backed up by specific documents and witnesses.

It was Trillanes’ former colleague Gary Alejano who had filed the impeachment complaint in the House of Representatives.