Impeachment battles will only delay political agendas

By , on March 23, 2017

Photo: House of Representatives of the Philippines/
Photo: House of Representatives of the Philippines/

Kabayan party-list Representative Harry Roque said that the impeachment complaints filed against both the President and the Vice-President will only consume time in  Congress, which would have been used for acting on rather important matters such as addressing the need for universal healthcare and freedom of information in the country.

Other lawmakers also agree that the pending impeachments filed against the two heads of state is not only counterproductive but will paralyze their legislative functions.

1-Ang Edukasyon partylist Representative Salvador Belaro Jr. believes that President’s Duterte’s impeachment complaint will not make it past the Lower House because it is dominated by the supramajority and would most likely junk the complaint.

Quezon City Representative Alfred Vargas also believes that the complaints will get the country nowhere and will also result in “further polarization among our citizens”.

Meanwhile, Muntinlupa Representative, Ruffy Biazon said that the leaders of the House of Representatives may hopefully pursue a healing process during the Lenten season.

For Former President and now Manila Mayor Erap Estrada, should both impeachment cases proceed, it will only be detrimental  for the already thriving and promising Philippine economy.

Estrada, who also faced an impeachment complaint during his term said that the nation who elected both Duterte and Robredo should give them a chance as they are still in the middle of their first year in office.

“Just like what happened to me. They filed an impeachment complaint against me. That is why all my programs were delayed. Nothing happened. That is the reason why I don’t believe in this impeachment. It’s too early for politics. We will not move forward,” he said.

He also called for the public to stand behind Duterte and crush the impeachment complaint against him. He also hoped that both Duterte and Robredo will “talk and unite for the sake of the Filipino people.”