Arrest warrant released for cops involved in Espinosa’s murder

By , on March 20, 2017

After the Senate ruled that a coverup was involved in the murder of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa, a court had ordered the arrest of 20 cops for their involvement in the incident.

PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa announced on Monday that the PNP had already secured a copy of the warrant over the weekend against members of the PNP- Crime Investigation and Detection Group- Region 8 including Superintendent Marvin Marcos who led the operation.

Marcos and his team served a search warrant against Espinosa in his cell at the Baybay sub-provincial jail to look for alleged firearms and drug paraphernalia on November 5. 2016. According to police reports, Espinosa had retaliated which had resulted in his death. However, the recently concluded Senate investigation had ruled that there were no firearms and drugs found in Espinosa and inmate Raul Yap’s cell, and that Espinosa’s murder was premeditated and evidence was planted at the scene.

Espinosa was one of the political personalities that President Duterte had mentioned in the “narco list”. He had surrendered to authorities and was murdered shortly.