Amid opposition, Duterte vows intense drug war

By , on March 20, 2017

Photo: Rody Duterte/
Photo: Rody Duterte/

President Duterte remains unfazed after an impeachment complaint has been filed against him last week, an EU resolution condemning his campaign against illegal drugs and efforts to bring him to the ICC.

Before he left  for Myanmar and Thailand yesterday, the President held a press conference at the Davao International Airport saying that he could not be stopped from pursuing his drug campaign despite opposition efforts to bring him down.

“Listen to me: I will deliver my promises even if it will cost me my life, my honor and the presidency. I can let these go, but I will comply with my promise,” he said.

“The drive against corruption, the drive against criminality and drugs will resume and it will continue and it will be brutal if they do not understand the role of government. Suppression includes all,” he added.

Since the “Operation Double Barrel Reloaded” was announced two weeks ago, 34 were already killed and 2100 were arrested. Prior to its comeback, authorities had assured that the second wave of the anti-drug campaign would be less violent as its predecessor as more safety measures had been employed particularly with the participation of the police.

The President had always been firm about his stand against illegal drugs. He had slammed the international community for condemning his actions and responded to the EU saying that it should not meddle with the affairs of the country nor impose its western culture  and views.

Duterte said that he does not care about drug criminals losing their lives over legitimate operations so long as no member of the police or military is killed. He once again warned all drug lords, operators and suspects to stop their operations or face the consequences.

“So drop shabu if you want to be alive. If you do not want trouble with the government, stop trafficking. I will not for a moment, be out of focus on that. Whatever I promised, I will rise and I will fall on this,” he said.

“We just follow the rules under the Revised Penal Code…if you are a criminal, and you are caught in the act, do not fight because if you place a person’s  life in jeopardy, my order is to shoot you.”

“I do not want to see military  and dead men on my side, getting killed. I’d rather that the criminals, however thousands or millions they are, they should be the first to go…drop the shabu and nobody will die tomorrow,” he added.