300,000 Filipinos face deportation from the US

By , on March 8, 2017

Photo: Metropolico.org/Flickr.com
Photo: Metropolico.org/Flickr.com

Earlier this year, special envoy to the U.S Babe Romualdez said that there could be at least 310,000 Filipinos up for deportation. Although not included in the travel ban, undocumented Filipinos are still at risk as the Trump Administration launched an intensive campaign against illegal immigrants.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay confirmed this on Tuesday and said that President Duterte could address the issue with US President Donald Trump at a possible later date.

In an interview on GMA News’ “News to GO”, Yasay pointed out that the Philippines see and respect Trump’s immigration as purely a domestic matter to the US and would not therefore interfere. However, the Administration is focused on catering to the safety of the undocumented Filipinos in the US.

“We are only concerned with the implementation of this as it would affect Filipinos,” he said. “We would like to make sure that if it is implemented. I understand it might affect at least 300,000 or so Filipinos in the US, we are already prepared to assist these Filipinos as far as their needs are concerned, particularly in legal assistance, defending claims to remain in the US and not be subject to deportation.”

“We want to make sure the rights of Filipinos [who] could be subject to deportation would have the support of the Philippine government to the fullest,” he added.
According to the records held by Department of Foreign Affairs, there are over 3.4 million Filipinos in the United States.