Police allegedly paid superiors to avoid deployment in Basilan

By , on March 6, 2017

Photo: Pcr Negros Occ Ppo /Facebook.com
Photo: Pcr Negros Occ Ppo /Facebook.com

Officials of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) are currently investigating a case involving a Manila Policeman who had allegedly paid his superiors P500,000 in order to avoid deployment to Basilan.

NCRPO Chief Director Oscar Albayalde said that he had requested NCRPO Intelligence Chief Senior Supt. Eleazar Matta to validate the said claim.

As of the moment, Albayalde did not name the police and the superiors involved to pave way for Matta to confirm the following in his investigation. It has also been reported that the policeman is involved as an illegal operator of racehorse bookies.

Albayalde assured that even if there are no complaints filed against the said cop, there will be other ways to summon him and the other policemen involved for further inquiry.

“It is unfair for the policemen who heeded the order for them to (go) to Basilan (while) this policeman paid his way out of the reassignment,” he added.

Following the kidnap-slay of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo, the PNP created a cleansing process in the department and named at least 317 rogue cops involved in extortion, robbery and other malpractices subject to disciplinary action. The President had ordered to deploy the cops to Basilan for two years as part of the cleansing process.

However, only 53 policemen showed up and all 66 Manila cops who were included in the list disregarded the deployment order.