Expect more deaths in renewed anti-drug campaign—Duterte

By , on March 3, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said that more deaths would be expected in the renewed campaign against illegal drugs. (PCOO photo)
President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said that more deaths would be expected in the renewed campaign against illegal drugs. (PCOO photo)

MANILA—President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said that more deaths would be expected in the renewed campaign against illegal drugs.

“I am committed to stop drugs. This means there will be more killings because (criminals) really fight back. It won’t end tomorrow,” the President said at the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway groundbreaking ceremony in Cebu.

Duterte reiterated his earlier pronouncements that 6,000 policemen and 40 percent of barangay (village) chieftains are involved in the illegal drugs trade and warned them that the government has set their sights on them.

“You will die. Either you kill me or I kill you,” the President said.

Duterte recently gave permission to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald dela Rosa to resume the police anti-drug operations on the condition that only policemen with proven integrity would participate in the campaign.

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    Greetings! We have had our resident Subject Matter Expert on Environmental Impact Assessment Case Study Analysis to do a more thorough Meta – level analysis of this particular issue. It is hoped that this see print.

    May we once more address ourselves as supplicants to Monsieur Philippine President Rodrigo “Dodong” Roa Duterte (PDong), and through the Office of the Philippines to DSWD Judy Marigomen Taguiwalo, DILG Secretary Ismael “Mike” Sueno, PNP Chief Ronald Marapon dela Rosa, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Director Dante Gierran and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Director General Isidro Lapeña.

    Again, this was not at all an easy call to make, but in behalf of a group of our members – supporters and their children, and their classmates and friends, we find ourselves out on a limb in making this humble appeal.

    This was done by us notwithstanding the continuing huge risk in coming out with a public appeal to you Sir PDong since this has to do with Republic Act 9165 – Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 and Republic Act 9344 – Juvenile Justice and the Welfare Act of 2006. We already have suffered bullying and harassment and had our various accounts hacked.

    This has already been to attention of the Barangay Chairman and two of the Kagawads, to no avail. To get straight to the nub of our petition is this has to three 16 year old male youths who are known with Nom de guerre as ‘The Tres Marias’, namely Maria Rona, Maria Karen and Mari Mar, though they are not in anyway effeminate nor gay. Two of whom are high school students, one in a prominent private school and other in a public high school and the 3rd is an Out of school youth. They are drug runners – drug mules and users in the neighborhood and schools in their motorbikes and known to operate from 11:00 PM – to – 3:00 AM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and are particularly active on paydays – 15th and 30th of each month and on holidays. They also are known to ‘sideline’ as male prostitutes. They were known as ‘strikers’ or independents until they were brought under the protection of a group of policemen who are now their Talent Managers and Pimps.

    Even with an extensive Barangay CCTV System at the Local PNP substation at the Barangay Hall, the underage Drug Mules Teen Motorcycle Drivers are able to go about without licenses and without helmets are able to drive beyond the 10PM curfew all night long, because they are assured by their Talent Managers – Pimps of Official Protection from: the Local PNP, LGUs at the Barangay and City – level, DOJ’s Prosecutor’s Office, DSWD and also from the PDP – Laban’s Super Majority affiliated Political Party in Congress, Senate and Executive Branch.

    Query: Does the good senator from this jurisdiction know of how her name and that of the family’s reputation are named dropped by her blood relatives affiliated with the drug trade?

    Those drug mules operate within the management of Parent Group, whose Modus Operandi is a remote – controlled (RC), Smartphone – based FB Messenger and Web Skype coordinated Pick – up, Distribution and Payment System; where drug mules receive or solicit orders from smartphones, then pick-up their contraband packages from 3x sub – groups operating within the neighborhood or nearby CAA Road Informal Settlement and elsewhere for Home Delivery to customers, who are mostly members of the underground Rap Artist and LGBT Subculture located in gated and guarded exclusive Subdivisions and Villages, in a Meet-up and hard cash-on-delivery (Kaliwaan) Payment System.

    They earn from a delivery fee from the Suppliers and from TIPS and a mark-up if they solicit (Solicitation Fee). They are also pimped by their handlers to: Weekend underwear – only, ‘Bubble Bath’ LGBT Parties where fee paying locals and expats participate, this where, where they earned a Talent Fee for being Photographed and Vidoed and also a One Time Big Time Fee for Live Sex Segments Productions.

    Those pictures, videos and Live Segments, without their knowledge, are then sold on the internet and used as Blackmail, against those kids and their parents, when those parents ‘interferes. They are primed for those parties by having them take a cocktail of Ecstasy and Meth with alcohol, to break down their inhibitions.

    They hardly even remember anything about those Bubble Bath Parties until they are shown the pictures and videos with an – Or Else……

    This has resulted in one father fighting back and knifing dead one of the sub – group member Recruiter, who was a small time stuntman and who was known to have even pimped two of his sons in those weekend Bubble Bath Parties. Other parents just up and move back to the province to protect their sons. Whom are mostly students, ranging from: 13 yrs – to – 17 yr olds, Grade 7 – to – Grade 11 (First – to – Fifth year High School). And some of the new ones are even DECS k-12 vouchers scholars. There said said to be On Call about 15 – to – 25 drug mules within this barangay.

    This neighbourhood is an old Hub / Nexus (circa 1980) ever since its days as an Informal Settlement (Squatter Colony), before being a multi – stage (3 Phase) City – originated NHMFC – SFC financed Community Mortgage Program (CMP) as an On – Site Resettlement Project for the members of the Urban Poor Sector under the Urban Development and Housing Act, under the National Shelter Program.

    The 3 Phases Homeowners Associations have provided Safe Haven for their respective drug sub – groups located within their area and ‘Easy Financing’, in terms of ‘diverted’ CMP mortgages loan repayment money for inventory acquisitions. But then this has resulted in low repayment repatriation to the NHMFC – SFC. A delinquency rate of up to 60% – to – 80%. It is an insult to injury to realize that those subgroups operate with taxpayers money.

    May we suggest that 1) that the three (3) phases be integrated into one unified Homeowners Association (HOA); and 2) that the monthly amortizations be directly deposited into a designated NHMFC – SFC bank account for this unified HOA with three deposit slips for the bank, HOA and the payee. There is bank branch in the entrance to the main subdivision.

    The earnings of those sub – groups members are then recycled (laundered) in upgrading to multi-storied rental units, PUV acquisitions, both jeepneys and tricycles, and retail stores within the area and ⅚.

    The neighborhood is known as Hong Kong in Admiral Subdivision, Talon Tres, Las Piñas City.

    We are appealing further that our wayward Tres Marias be treated humanely and considered for reform and rehabilitation. One of them is a very bright and artistically – inclined youth, a graphic artist. Please treat them all well, we plead this as parents and fellow Filipinos. If, punishment is to be mete out, make the adults of the drug groups answerable then.

    Thank you Sir PDong for your time and God Bless. More power.
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