Palace denies plans with Napoles

By , on February 20, 2017

(Photo:  Dane Alegana/
(Photo: Dane Alegana/

In an interview with dzRB, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella denied any sort of political agenda behind the Solicitor General’s recommendation to acquit pork-barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles for her illegal detention case against Benhur Luy.

“Seriously? I doubt that. Thank you. Next question?” Abella replied after being asked about the surprising decision of the Solicitor General regarding the case.

The SolGen’s recommendation had been raising eyebrows. People speculate that this must be some sort of a political move from the Administration, although the Palace had insisted that it has no power to influence the office regarding this decision and decided to stand by the judgment or conclusion of the Solicitor General as this is in accordance with the law.  

It has been evidenced or verified that Napoles could be the primary state witness against high officials who will be named if indeed Napoles would cooperate and reveal everything at trial. In an attempt to have a crackdown on government corruption, it is feasible to see this as the possible strategy of the Administration. It had mentioned various plans over the convicted pork barrel queen, but it has not been specified just yet.
However, the Solicitor General himself would not represent Napoles at trial and according to officials, her possible acquittal from her illegal detention case will not affect her plunder case.