Malampaya maintenance going smoothly

By on February 7, 2017

MANILA –The energy department announced Tuesday that with only nine days to go, maintenance work at the Malampaya natural gas facility is going smoothly.

According to department spokesperson, Undersecretary Wimpy Fuentebella, the materials and the workers are in and schedules are being followed.

”The Department of Energy (DOE) is looking into every aspect of the plant, including the systems that are in place, that employees are receiving the proper benefits, and whether or not the standard safety protocols and standard operating procedures are being adhered to,” Fuentebella said.

While assuring that power supplies are sufficient and reserves are adequate, the department encouraged the public to make energy conservation a habit.

”The DOE is constantly reminding consumers that power supply will always be adequate and there will be no price shock, for so long as they religiously practice energy conservation and the value of using energy efficiently,” Fuentebella said.