Iran will grant visa to American wrestlers

By on February 5, 2017

TEHRA –Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif announced that visas will be granted to the American wrestlers to travel to Iran to attend the 2017 Freestyle World Cup.

Iran will do so after an American judge suspended the visa ban imposed by the US President Donald Trump on seven Muslim countries including Iran and also due to the requests from the International Wrestling Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran Wrestling Federation, Zarif said.

“Following the court ruling suspending Muslim ban and the requests from Iranian Wrestling Federation and FILA, US Wrestlers’ visa will be granted,” Zarif tweeted.

After Trump’s January 27 visa ban, a special committee was formed in Iran to look into the entry of the American wrestlers who were to participate in the 2017 World Cup slated for February 16-17 in the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

During the past days, the committee opposed the travel of the American wrestlers to Iran. That was while the US, last week, did not issue visa for the Iranian archers who were to attend the Archery World Cup 2017 in that country.