High profile cast for “Buwan at Baril” revival

By , on February 3, 2017

the Cast (Photo: ASTIG.PH/Facebook)
the Cast (Photo: ASTIG.PH/Facebook)

The timeless play Buwan at Baril sa E major (Moon and Gun in E major) comes back to with a Cherry Pie Picache, Jackie Lou Blanco and Angeli Bayani taking lead roles.

The play was written Chris Millado who is now the VP of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It was commissioned by the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) in 1984, a year after the assassination of Ninoy Aquino Jr.

The format of the play consists of monologues and exchanges between actors where they reveal and tell stories representing various walks of life in Philippine society. The original was set in the martial law years as the primary backdrop of the play however there will be changes in the new edition of the play with the characters taking the plot to the present.

The characters are the Asawa (wife) of a slain NPA guerilla, the Socialite who is in a negotiating party in a rally she joined in, the Bababeng Itawis who will narrate the injustices inflicted upon her people in her native language which will then be translated by the Pari (the priest). Other characters include the Magsasaka (Farmer), the Manggagawa (Laborer), the Police-Interrogator and the Student.

The revival was directed by Andoy Ranay with Cherry Pie Picache taking the role of the Asawa, Jackie Lou Blanco with the role of the Socialite and Angeli Bayani as the Babaeng Itawis.

The play will be the first feature of Sugid productions, a new theater company. The play schedules are from Thursdays to Sundays (3:00 pm – 8:00 pm) until February 12 at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Center in Quezon City.

The play will be sure to hit the current issues of modern-day Philippines and let the audience gain a higher perspective in looking at the current Philippine society.