Trump and Dory: the undeniable similarity

By , on February 1, 2017

Animated films are often made and targeted towards children. It is known that common movie plots in this genre are simple and yet it opens multiple levels of understanding and therefore acquires the ability communicate to an adult audience as well. Apparently there is more to see in a story of a young girl meeting her fairy godmother or in a story about talking race cars and toys who come to life when they are unattended.

And recently, there is more to see in a story about a forgetful fish who goes on a quest to find her home.

On an episode of “Ellen” aired Monday, Ellen DeGeneres went on to give her take on Trump’s “immigration ban”.

The talk show host claims she is not really political and she knows that the President chose her movie “Finding Dory” for  a White House screening Saturday.

In a video released in her social media accounts, Ellen gave her somehow metaphorical yet straight to the point summary of the film.

“Well Dory is from Australia and her parents are in America. I don’t know what religion they are, but her dad sounds a little Jewish, doesn’t matter.”

Although it does matter in America right now as the Immigration ban was targeted towards Muslims.

She then gets to her straight out explanation of the uncanny similarities of what the President is trying to do and what happens in the film. In the film, Dory and her friends need to get over a wall that hinders her quest to find her parents and eventually finds a way past it. While in America, protests are currently on going as a response to Trump’s executive order while the administration is already on the works to start building the wall that would cost at an estimate $15 billion.

“. . .you won’t believe it, but that wall has almost no effect in keeping them out.” she said.

Eventually, Dory and her friends got past the wall and meets other animals that would help her on her quest to find her parents.

“These are animals that don’t even need her. Animals that she doesn’t have anything in common with her. They help her, even though they’re completely different colors. Because that’s what you do when you see someone in need – you help them.” she pointed out as the audience applauded in agreement.

DeGeneres’s co-star Albert Brooks who voiced “Marlin” in the movie also gave a comment regarding the issue in a Tweet Sunday:

“Odd that Trump is watching Finding Dory today, a movie about reuniting with family when he’s preventing it in real life.”

The choice of the film for the White House screening does paint the ultimate irony prevailing in the actions of the institution and the executive that is leading it. So far the majority of America is doing everything to put their point across while this doesn’t seem to bother the administration.

Trump’s immigration ban targeted seven countries in the Middle East and Africa which affected refugees primarily from war-torn Syria.