Quebec City’s Muslim community hopes to open a cemetery to bury dead

By on February 1, 2017

Quebec City’s Muslims are looking to open a cemetery in the city in order to bury their dead.

The president of the city’s mosque says community members cannot be buried in Quebec City when they die because there is no Muslim cemetery.

Mohamed Yangui says the closest burial ground is in Montreal.

After six of the city’s Muslims were shot to death at their mosque Sunday, five of the bodies are set to head overseas for burial and one will remain in Montreal.

The bodies will be flown to Algeria, Tunisia, Guinea and Morocco.

Yangui says the community is working hard to open a cemetery and has formed a committee to get it completed.

Mosque vice-president Mohamed Labidi says the community has been working on the file for 10 years.

He says the mosque would like the municipal, provincial and federal governments to help.

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, was arrested Sunday night following the massacre in which six men were killed and 19 people were also wounded, including two who were still in critical condition on Tuesday.