The strange case of Liezyl Margallo

By , on January 29, 2017

PAGEONE0127-1 MANILA – Her eyes present a rather odd air of innocence.

In her mugshot she appears to be just a mere pretty face.  No one can imagine that Liezyl Margallo, only 23 would be a face of probably one of the most disturbing crimes ever done in this country in recent times.

Margallo, now dubbed as “savage girl” made headlines after her arrest on January 25 for being responsible for luring children aged one to twelve into perverted acts and torture on live camera as part of entertaining sexual predators around the world for a whopping $10,000 per view.

This child trafficking and cyberporn business is a joint venture of her and Australian boyfriend, Peter Gerald Scully who had been arrested in 2015. They lured children particularly street kids and promise them food and shelter only to be tortured be used for sexual acts. One incident led to the death of a twelve year old in 2012. Reports indicate that the kid died due to strangulation and internal bleeding when a bolo (machete) was inserted in the child’s butt. Remains were exhumed in a house where Scully had used to live.

In a video entitled “The Destruction of Daisy”, Daisy  who was only 18 months is seen hanged upside down with duct tape on her mouth to silence her excessive crying while a masked woman identified as Margallo hits the poor child with a belt and pour melted candle wax on Daisy’s private parts.

She cooperated with authorities in the arrest of Scully in 2015. Allegedly, the couple remained in constant communication despite Scully being in prison while she worked as a tour guide who offers sex for money. With sixteen cases filed against her she was able to move around from one place to the other with Scully apparently still supporting her financially.

Prior to her arrest, Margallo lived the life of luxury. She owned a condominium unit in uptown Cebu and is a member of an exclusive fitness center. Her lavish lifestyle was highly documented in her social media account where she posed as Shannon Carpio. According to friends and acquaintances she was a nice girl with an outgoing, sweet and innocent personality. She would often foot the bill, throws out parties. One of them was even invited by Margallo to go on an overseas trip this year.

As public outcry grows for her own punishment, further questions arise as to why and how can a person be involved in such a very gruesome act.

According to Atty. Janet Francisco, head of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division of the NBI- Manila, Margallo told her that she had regretted everything that she had done to the kids.

As the case unfolds, Margallo also mentioned that she was used to be abused to be a kid and to be able to do the act of domination and abuse gave her a sense of pleasure and gratification.

Authorities are still figuring out further links to this lucrative cybersex den and also other connections that are possibly involved with Margallo and Scully.

As for Margallo, her fate may not be sealed just yet.