Palace asks public to understand Duterte’s cursing

By , on December 15, 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte at Phnom Penh International Airport in Cambodia (Photo from President Rodrigo Duterte's Facebook page)
President Rodrigo Duterte at Phnom Penh International Airport in Cambodia (Photo from President Rodrigo Duterte’s Facebook page)

MANILA, Philippines—Relating to the result of the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, the Malacañang Palace asked the public to understand Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s cursing.

In the result of the SWS survey published by BusinessWorld, President Duterte was given a result of a “very good” rating, but the people are worried on his “colorful language”.

“On the president’s colorful language, we ask for our people’s understanding as these utterances are not personal attacks directed at particular persons but mere expressions of disgust and impatience over the many unresolved and unaddressed issues that remain pervasive to this day,” Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said on Thursday, December 15.

Palace showed gratitude for the ratings of the survey as President Duterte maintained his “very good” rating in his fourth quarter of presidency.

“Surveys are snapshots of our people’s sentiments at any given time. We are thus grateful to the Filipino people for giving the president two consecutive ‘very good’ net satisfaction ratings,” said Andanar.

The survey was conducted to 1,500 respondents from December 3 to 6 and resulted with a net satisfaction of +63. It was said that the ratings got lower only for one point since its survey last September.

But the result shows that the public was worried for his cursing especially on his fellow Mindanaoans.

However, Andanar said in a statement that the result reflects on the continuous support on the President and the administration.

“This will serve as an inspiration for him to redouble his energy to be true to his oath of office and fulfill his promise of getting rid of drugs, crime and corruption in our society.” Andanar said in a statement.

“But he is doing his best to address all these, and hopes that the Filipino people would support him all the way as unity and firm resolve are what we need to move forward as a nation,” he added.