WelcomePack launches inspiring #ThankYouCanada social campaign

By on June 27, 2016

As Canada Day approaches and we as Canadians applaud our country’s history, its values and its people, WelcomePack Canada, recognizing the profound feeling of thankfulness that binds us all together on this day, has launched a social campaign enabling all Canadians to say ‘thank you’ to our beautiful country with the hashtag #ThankYouCanada.

Watch the campaign video below:

The campaign reaches out to all Canadians, encouraging them to remember a moment when they have felt a deep sense of gratitude to Canada for achievements here. These moments have been evocatively captured in an emotional video that led to messages, photos and videos being shared on the webpage welcomepackcanada.com/thankyoucanada.

Entries have been pouring in, as people share their stories and special Canadian moments. The touching emotions in the stories are posted on the contest page. Simply click on the ‘VIEW ENTRIES & VOTE’ link to see them and vote for your favourites.

Participate and share this campaign with family and friends!