Duterte vows to enforce all laws of the land in miting de avance

By , , , on May 8, 2016

Photo: Rody Duterte/Facebook
Photo: Rody Duterte/Facebook

MANILA–During his miting de avance in front of Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila Saturday, PDP-LABAN standard bearer Rodrigo Duterte vowed to enforce all laws in the land if elected in the May 9 presidential elections.

“There are laws in the land, I will enforce it. Due process, by all means, I will give it to you (public),” he said to a crowd estimated to be around 450,000 to 550,000 people.

In the same vein, Duterte advised all criminals to immediately the country as he intends to crackdown hard on them.

“Criminals you better go out. Yung hindi umalis, patay talaga. I will not hesitate to use the military, police,” he added.

And during Saturday’s miting de avance, Duterte said that he was no communist.

“I am not a communist. Ako yung (possible) first Left-leaning president but I’m Left off-center, Socialist ako,” he added.