Jasmine Curtis-Smith on working with sister’s ex-BF: Not ‘awkward’

By , on April 24, 2016

TV5 actress-performer Jasmine Curtis-Smith. (Instagram photo)
TV5 actress-performer Jasmine Curtis-Smith. (Instagram photo)

MANILA – Being paired with Richard Gutierrez in TV5’s remake of hit fantasy series “Panday,” actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith said that she was well aware of her on-screen partner and her sister Anne Curtis’ past romance but asserted that there was no feeling of ‘awkwardness’ working with him.

“They kept saying it was weird, so I ended up imbibing it and thinking the same thing… But there was really nothing to feel awkward about,” she said in an Inqquirer.net report.

In fact, tapings were going smoothly and they were enjoying each other’s company.

“It’s fun. Richard is machika (chatty). Between takes, we talk about the TV shows that we enjoy. I recently introduced him to ‘Orphan Black.’ That is how we build rapport on the set,” she explained.

“I once teased him that I was only 4 years old when I met him… He countered that he was 15 then,” she quipped, adding that he was not even her childhood crush.

Seeing her sister’s former boyfriend as a big brother figure, liking him would be ‘incestuous’ for her.

“I was a baby then… It’s automatic… I will never look at my sister’s boyfriend that way. I treated Richard as a kuya (big brother).”

Jasmine has been dating surfer Jeff Ortega while Richard has a son with Kapamilya actress-performer Sarah Lahbati. The 22-year-old actress, however, clarified that her man was ‘still under observation.’

“My parents and sister will always look out for me.”