Voting at Syria’s parliamentary polls over

By on April 14, 2016

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DAMASCUS—Voting at Syria’s parliamentary elections has ended at midnight.

The voting was to be over at 19:00 on Wednesday but the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections prolonged it for five hours due to high turnout.

Currently, representatives of election commissions are beginning to count votes. A spokesman for the Syrian election commission told TASS votes will be counted manually. The first results are expected within 48 hours.

On Wednesday Syria held an election to the People’s Council, a unicameral parliament. Syria’s parliamentary elections are held on a multi-party basis in line with the constitution endorsed at the referendum on February 26, 2012. Syria’s parliament, the People’s Council, consists of 250 members elected for a four-year term through universal, direct and secret ballot voting.

The parliamentary election was held at 7,300 voting centers in 13 out of 15 Syrian provinces, except the Raqqa and Idlib provinces which are controlled by the Islamic State and Jabhat an-Nusra terrorist groups.