Canada pledges USD100-M to help vulnerable communities in Syria

By on April 14, 2016


WASHINGTON—Canada plans to provide funding to help vulnerable communities in war-torn Syria and support humanitarian organizations working in the country, the Canadian Ministry of International Development (MID) announced in a statement.

The MID pointed out Ottawa would provide an additional USD68.2 million in the form of humanitarian assistance to help Syrians across the region affected by the conflict.

“[International Development Minister] Marie-Claude Bibeau… announced funding of USD100 million to help the most vulnerable communities affected by the Syrian crisis,” the statement said on Wednesday.

The ministry noted that USD31.8 million will be donated to charitable organizations benefiting Syria.

“We cannot afford to lose the potential of an entire generation of young Syrians because their right to pursue an education has been taken away from them by poverty, lack of opportunities and war,” Bibeau said.