Immigration places Kim Wong under tight watch

By , on April 1, 2016

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MANILA—An official of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) revealed that businessman Kim Wong has been included in the Immigration Lookout Bulletin Order (ILBO).

According to BI Spokesperson Nikki Reyes, the junket operator in casinos has been placed in the ILBO upon the directive of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Yes, he (Wong) is included in the Immigration Lookout Bulletin as of March 23, 2016,” she said.

Wong is being implicated in the controversy involving USD 81 million stolen funds from the Bank of Bangladesh into the Philippine financial system. But, he already denied the allegations.

An ILBO is issued against a person but it does not necessarily mean that they cannot leave the country, it only directs immigration officers to coordinate with DOJ and National Bureau of Investigation if there is an attempt for him or her to depart.