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By , on March 29, 2016

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MANILA – The Diabetes Store (TDS) has finally come to the Philippines, bridging the gap between doctors, medicine providers and diabetic patients and is now making the management of diabetes in the country “friendly.”

According to Jose Ramon Syquia Felix, the general manager of TDS, the first of its kind in the country, the store can suit all the needs, even up to the testing services and diabetes counseling on topics such as Grocery Shopping Assistance.

The TDS is the first personal store or one-stop-shop created for all diabetic needs.

“Unlike traditional drug stores, TDS is staffed by trained Diabetes Educators (DEs) who are skilled and knowledgeable in managing diabetes,” said Felix.

He added that DEs get engaged with the patients by personally guiding them in their progress, listening to their experiences, recommending suitable products and services and addressing lingering questions about their lifestyle.

“In doing so, the store works to build a collaborative and friendly community with doctors, people with diabetes, and those that care for them,” he added.

As a specialized outlet, the store offers a wide array of products and services that will help people with diabetes to check and manage their conditions involving the five “Cs” of diabetes – Check, Control, Consume, Care, and Counsel.

For the “Check” category, it has products and devices that can monitor and regulate the patient’s condition, specifically blood sugar such as glucoLab Meter (glucose meter), GluNEO Lite Meter (glucose meter), glucoLab strips (glucose strips), blood pressure monitor, needles and other accessories.

For the “Control products,” it has medicines and supplements for the diabetic patients and their conditions such as insulin syringe, insulin pen needles, insulin in vials, insulin in cartridges and oral medicine.

For the “Consume” category (foods and beverages that are diabetes-friendly yet still have appealing taste), it has soya chips, soya sticks, soya cookies, green tea mints, unsweetened chocolates, roasted cocoa nibs, dark chocolates, corn rice as rice substitutes, coco sugar, coco jam, coco syrup, salad snacker, Cauli-Broc Chicharon, friendly meal, meal measure plate accessory and a lot more.

For the “Care” category (products that will look after the patients from head to toe): Bunionette protector, Heel Protector, Comfortable Insole, Full Length Insole, Anti-Shock Gel Insole, Diabetic Socks, BioFresh Foot Cream, Diaderm Cream, etc.

On the fifth “C” which is “Counsel,” the store serves as a one-on-one educational session among the Personal Diabetes Counselors and the client (patient) in the said store.

“We’ve made it convenient by accepting cash-one-delivery payments from Metro Manila and selected provinces,” the Diabetes Store general manager, Jose Ramon Syquia Felix, said during the media launch held a week ago in Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros, Manila.

He further said that aside from offering products and services, TDS is also working to build a community of people with diabetes with a support group that can share and learn together their personal experiences.

The store can be visited at BF Homes Paranaque, 198 J. Elizalde St., Paranaque City, with Tel. Nos. 801-8553 and 806-9267.

However, for those who can’t visit it, they can access and shop online for the products at www.thediabetesstore.com.ph.

Dr. Danilo Baldemor of the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation (ISDFI) said that in management of diabetes, holistic approach which encompasses both medical and other interventions such as education, psycho-social support can help increase compliance on the part of the patients.

At present, it is estimated that 7.3 million Filipinos, or 7,322,400 persons, are with diabetes, making the country a diabetes hotspot.

According to Dr. Ma. Cecille Añonuevo-Cruz, an endocrinologist, worldwide, it is estimated that 415 million people will be suffering from diabetes between ages 20 to 79 in 2025.

She added that it is also projected that by 2040, there will be more individuals worldwide that can be afflicted with the condition.

Diabetes can lead to blindness, end renal disease, stroke, heart disease and nerve damage if not manage properly.

To manage it, Dr. Danilo F. Baldemor, a well-known diabetologist, said that the following elements are required: N-utrition; E-xercise, E-ducation; D-rugs; S-moking cessation; and S-elf care, S-elf monitoring and S-tress management.

When it comes to eating, Dr. Baldemor recommended that at least half of the plate should consist of vegetables, one-fourth of carbohydrate, and one-fourth of protein.

Patients are also usually advised to refrain from excessive eating of foods that are salty, sweet and meaty products or those coming from animals with four feet – pig, cow, carabao, etc.

Dr. Baldemor added that chicken and fish will be good protein substitutes instead of meat from the four-footed animals.

In addition, as a prevention, doctors often advise diabetic patients to have active lifestyle and avoid sedentary living, as physical activity and exercise give health benefits and improve glycemic control.

  • Cynthia J. Polley

    Good diabetes store. In June of 2015, it was discovered that I had type 2 diabetes. By the end of the month, I was given a prescription for Metformin. I stated the ADA diet and followed it completely for several weeks but was unable to get my blood sugar below 140. With no results to how for my hard work, I panicked and called my doctor. His response? Deal with it. I began to feel that something wasn’t right and do my own research. Then I found Rachel’s blog (google ” HOW I FREED MYSELF FROM THE DIABETES ” ) . I read it from cover to cover and I started the diet and by the next morning, my blood sugar was 100. Since then, I have a fasting reading between the mid 70s and 80s. My doctor was so surprised at the results that, the next week, he took me off the Metformin. I lost 30 pounds in the first month and lost more than 6 inches off my waist and I’m able to work out twice a day while still having lots of energy. The truth is we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods