Candy Pangilinan: “I never thought that a comedienne like me could win for a dramatic role”

By , on March 29, 2016

Sa gulat ko po kagabi sa aking pagkapanalo, marami yata akong hindi napasalamatan, pasensya na po… Let me use this space to thank everyone. First of all, Thank you Lord for this early easter gift. Thank you to Cinefilipino, festival heads and jurors for this recognition and affirmation. Thank you to my family for the support. Thank you to my mom at pinanganak mo ako, eh di ngayon meron ka ng best actress. Thank you to my son, you are my inspiration. Thank you to everyone who is a part of our movie Star na si Vandamme Stallone. Thank you to my director Randolph, 3 kids Mathea, jadd, and Paolo. Thank you to the parents of these kids that allowed them to be a part of the film. Thank you to the creative, staff, production pati sa CMB, we survived. Thank you to Melvin Lee for recommending me to direk Randolpf for this movie. Thank you Boss Vic and Ms. Veronique for the support & allowing me to make this movie. Thank you to our service drivers, P.A., my personal PA Joy, and RM Love. Thank you to my spiritual mentor, Tita Baby for journeying with me and encouraging me to do good. Thank you to my friends who pushed me to enjoy and do this 1st indie film of mine, you know who you are. Thank you to all who loved me, those were affirmations I needed. Thank you to those that hurt and abandoned me, those were pains and learning curves that I needed to be better. Thank you to everyone. I am grateful to all because..because… I am just grateful. Maraming salamat po muli. Ang tagal ko na pong artista ngayon lang po ako nanalo ng acting award. Ang tagal ko na pong pinanindigan na comedian po ako pero sa drama po ako nanalo. Mabuhay ang pelikulang Pilipino. #healthiswealth #grateful #happyeaster #bestactressako #tamakasweet

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MANILA – Actress Candy Pangilinan recently starred in the independent film “Star na si Van Damme Stallone,” a “dramedy” about a mother’s love and struggles with her child who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Did she fare well? Her best actress award at the CineFilipino Film Festival proved so.

“I never thought that a comedienne like me could win for a dramatic role…” Pangilinan said in an interview with the “As an actress, I realized that I can do a serious role…”

Working in the entertainment industry for a long time and starring a lead role in an indie film for the first time, the 43-year-old actress found the new approach and way of acting as challenging.

“I got surprised… In one scene, Direk (Randolph Longjas) told me that I had no lines but all sorts of emotions were going through my mind,” she recalled in the same report. “In indie films, people don’t talk but they do a lot of thinking… That’s more tiring! I had to remember all those acting theories I learned in UP Diliman!”

Truly a rewarding experience, Pangilinan’s trophy from CineFilipino was her first for a film.

Because of her real-life experiences as a mother to her son with autism, she knew how to interact with co-stars Paolo Pingol, Jad Dilanco and Mattea Curativo who portrayed Van Damme at different ages. All the three young actors have Down syndrome.

“I can relate with my character… I know the child’s weaknesses… The parent’s frustrations and joys,” she admitted. In one scene with Pingol who was buttoning his shirt, “I noticed that he was getting upset. So, I gently encouraged him. When he was able to do one button, he looked at me, beaming with pride. Then, he was able to do all the buttons. I cried!”

Everyone else in the set also did.