Aiko Melendez on ex-husband Jomari Yllana: He’s my one great love

By , on March 17, 2016

Kapamilya actress Aiko Melendez (Photo from Melendez's Instagram account)
Kapamilya actress Aiko Melendez (Photo from Melendez’s Instagram account)

MANILA – Although happy to have a good friendship with former husband Jomari Yllana, actress Aiko Melendez still saw a possibility of rekindling the romance.

“They say that in life, you only have this one great love – [in my case], that could be Jomari,” actress Aiko Melendez admitted at the press conference of her latest teleserye “The Story of Us.”

“I guess it’s because he was my first in everything. He’s my first husband. I gave my heart to him first,” she continued.

Currently single but dating, the Kapamilya actress made a pact with Yllana, the father of her 17-year-old son Andrei.

“I told him, ‘Dada’ (her term of endearment for the singer-actor), if we’re both single in three years’ time, I think we should get back together.’ He laughed and said I was crazy, and then said I have a point,” she shared.

However, both have decided to stay where they are for now with the fear that being in a relationship again may put their ‘beautiful friendship’ at risk.