Duterte tops online ranking in Pilipinas Debates

By on February 22, 2016

Photo: Facebook Page of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte
Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte (Photo from the official Facebook page of Duterte).

MANILA—PDP-LABAN standard bearer and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte ranked first in several online polls following the first leg of the Pilipinas Debates 2016 in Cagayan De Oro City on Sunday.

The Davao City mayor reaped 46.32 percent from the polls of the Philippine Daily Inquirer website and a 74 percent rating of “Love” from the GMA News Online’s “Emojimeter.”

Meanwhile, Rappler lauded his overall performance, saying that Duterte won the second round of the debates, where the candidates talked about poverty and development.

The PDP-LABAN bet highlighted his push for a federal approach to government as a key to end conflict in the country, especially in Mindanao, achieving a more inclusive economic growth, and attaining equality under the law.

“We have to do this because as I said, nothing short of federalism will bring peace to Mindanao and end national discord. We have to right the historical wrong committed against the Moro people,” Duterte said.

In his closing statement, the PDP-LABAN standard bearer reiterated his promise to clean up government within three to six months of his administration.

“If you give me the chance, and in God’s will, in three to six months, people will feel the positive effects of my campaign to end corruption, crime and illegal drugs. Without peace and order, our country will not develop,” he added.