Drivers and passengers blame LTFRB for arguments over fare

By , on February 1, 2016

(Tooykrub / Shutterstock)
(Tooykrub / Shutterstock)

MANILA – Arguments over the fare reduction charge to P7 made the jeepney drivers and passengers hit the “laziness” of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

The absence of fare matrices issued by the LTFRB fired up the debates between the passengers and commuters over the additional chargefor the succeeding travel after the first four kilometers.

Fernando, 60, who travels the Binangonan-Cubao route admitted that they are charging old rates for trips beyond four kilometer and said that only minimum fare was reduced and not the farther ones.

When the driver was informed that the LTFRB set the additional charge at P1.50 for every succeeding kilometers beyond the first four, the driver said that nobody informed them about the new fare matrix.

The overcharging of jeepney drivers made a male passenger get into debates and fights and blamed the absence of fare matrix for the confusion and arguments.