Calgarians lose thousands after money remittance business shuts down

By , , on January 28, 2016


A remittance company, SR Cash Remit, and its director, Marisyel Pilande,  are being investigated by the Calgary police following failure to send customers’ money overseas, mostly to the Philippines, the Calgary Herald reported. Ms. Pilande, reportedly a native of Laguna, Philippines, is now out of the country.

Remittances ranging from $200 to $15,000 for the period October to December 2015 failed to reach the beneficiaries.  76 victims have come forward so far and authorities are encouraging those victimized to contact the police.  Monies sent by remitters are “hard earned monies” intended to help their families either for medication, pay off debts, for kids education and for Christmas celebrations.  Now, the possibility of recovering their loss is far from remote.

Marisyel Pilande, has also been issued a warrant of arrest for failing to appear in court for charges filed against her for writing bounced cheque to Family Express. Family Express acted as intermediary between SR Cash Remit and the recipients of money sent by its customers.

Three cheques issued by SR Cash Remit to Family Express bounced on July. The cheques amounting to $80,000 were endorsed to cover the remittances for the months of June and July.

A week later, SR Cash Remit further failed to transfer $33,000 to Family Express. It also failed to pay Family Express of interests amounting to $3,500. The cash remittance centre owes Family Express a total $117,000.  The case is now with the authorities says Family Express’ President .

A note was posted on the now shut-down Marlborough Mall office of SR Cash Remit stating that  the location is closed and SR Cash Remit has financial issues and customers  are advised to contact the police.