Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras topbill GMA’s newest primetime series That’s My Amboy

By on January 24, 2016

Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras in That’s My Amboy (Contributed photo)
Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras in That’s My Amboy (Contributed photo)

After the success of Barbie Forteza and Andre Paras’ tandem in the recently concluded top-rating afternoon series The Half Sisters, their onscreen love team returns as Maria Rosario “Maru” Carreon and Bryan Ford in That’s My Amboy.

This is GMA Network’s newest primetime offering beginning January 25 on its flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV.

That’s My Amboy is a light, romantic-comedy series that will surely pull the heartstrings of viewers and make them feel good and ‘kilig’ every night.

Maru (Barbie) is a simple yet determined girl who seeks to do her best in life, inspired by her mother’s love for her. Bryan (Andre), a young actor who is the hottest leading man on film and television, seeks to be truly appreciated by his girl and his family. The series depicts their unusual work relationship as it blossoms into a beautiful friendship and one great love story.

In the series, Bryan is the reason why Maru’s stepfather gets into an accident. To pay for the damages, Bryan’s manager hires Maru to be Bryan’s personal assistant, but the two always get on each other’s nerves. They finally become friends when something happens to Bryan and Maru is there for him. This brings them closer and they eventually fall for each other.

Can their love surpass the pressures, intrigues and challenges of show business?

That’s My Amboy is under the helm of director Bb. Joyce Bernal with guest director Dominic Zapata.

Included in the cast are Tonton Gutierrez as Albert Romero, former matinee idol and a ladies’ man; John Arcilla as Joselito Lito’ Tapang, the stepfather of Maru, a stunt director and a responsible and loving husband and father; Donita Rose as Cecille Carreon Tapang, a former actress and Maru’s kind and understanding mother; Kiko Estrada as Patrick Almeda, a rising star who will be Bryan’s rival in showbiz; Jazz Ocampo as Trina Dominguez, a young actress and Bryan’s secret girlfriend; Matet de Leon as Yaya Yolly, Bryan’s caring yaya and number one supporter; Meryll Soriano as Divine, Bryan’s strict yet fair and loyal manager; Maritoni Fernandez as Alicia Ford, Bryan’s mother who looks down on his chosen field; Jerald Napoles as Tope, Bryan’s driver and number two supporter; Pam Prinster as Miley, Bryan’s loveteam; Jan Manual as Simon, Bryan’s former personal assistant; Philip Lazaro as PR, Miley’s manager; Pauline Mendoza as Maria Carmela ‘Maricar’ Tapang, Maru’s sister and a big fan of Patrick Almeda; Kryshee Grengia as Maria Theresa ‘Mayte’ Tapang, Maru’s youngest sister and a super fan of Bryan Ford; Rob Walcher as Donald Ford, Bryan’s American father and a successful lawyer.

That’s My Amboy premieres January 25 on GMA Pinoy TV.

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