Rico Blanco returns to his roots in latest album ‘Dating Gawi’

By on December 16, 2015

Rico Blanco (Twitter photo)
Rico Blanco (Twitter photo)

MANILA – Singer-songwriter Rico Blanco has an early Christmas gift for his Filipino fans this Christmas as he released his latest solo album – “Dating Gawi” – made especially for them.

Blanco’s album featured tracks which oozed with local rock and roll vibes and were meticulously crafted with self-imposed rules in few weeks’ time. The lyrics were all written in Filipino as he was certain on whom he wanted his listeners to be.

“When I have an idea that I get excited about and songs that I wanted to share, that’s what pushes me to record an album… Nung nagsusulat ako, kung san lang mapunta yung kanta (When I was writing, I allowed the song to present itself),” the artist said in an interview as reported by the Manila Bulletin.

Minsan (Sometimes) I start with the first verse and I don’t know what the song is going to be about… Minsan (Sometimes) I go, ‘Teka lang (Wait), no you can’t do that. You have to make it work. It’s hard doing conventional stuff and not being able to rely on fancy tricks,” he further said.

Blanco shared how some of his friends in the music industry, including Raimund Marasignan, Buddy Zabala and Roll Martinez, influenced his songs.

“The little secret I had that I didn’t tell them was, while I was writing the songs, I was thinking of them playing the songs. ‘Yun din ang naginspire sakin (That’s what inspired me as well)… When you’re working with these guys, you can come up with one album a month,” he quipped.

Dating Gawi has been Blanco’s third studio album, following “Galactic Fiestamatik” and “Your Universe.” With bands releasing new songs, he figured it was time for him to come up with a third album.

“For this album, gusto ko para rito (sa Pilipinas) ’to eh. Wala akong iniisip na international release, ’yung mapick up (’yung album) sa ibang bansa (For this album, I want this to be for the Philippines. I’m not thinking of an international release, on the album being picked up in other countries,” he said.

The album’s tracks included “Parang Wala Na,” “Sorry Naman,” “Walang Basagan,” “Videoke Queen,” “‘Wag Mong Aminin,” “Alaala,” “Umuwi Ka Na” and “Chess.”