Miriam wants house arrest for Arroyo

By , on December 4, 2015

Miriam Defensor Santiago
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

Presidential candidate Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago called on the administration for allegedly denying justice to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for repeatedly refusing Arroyo’s appeals for house arrest.

The senator has visited Arroyo at the Veterans Memorial Center (VMMC) for several times before and upon seeing the state of health of the former president, Santiago was convinced that Arroyo should be put on house arrest, the Manila Bulletin reported.

Santiago said that Arroyo has lost so much weight that ‘her wrist cannot even hold a wristwatch.’ Despite Arroyo’s failing health, the former president can ‘keep up with her spirits’, said Santiago.

“I admire her fighting spirit as she is all smiles and does not insist on talking about her predicament,” Santiago was quoted as saying in the same report.

Santiago believes the time Arroyo spent away from her family is an enough punishment. She also find It unusual that Arroyo is detained in a hospital where she does not need medical attention from.

“Justice delayed is justice denied and justice has been denied to her,’’ Santiago said.

Arroyo is in hospital arrest due to plunder charges filed against her over the alleged misuse of P366 million Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office fund. The Supreme Court has ordered the Sandiganbayan to pause all of Arroyo’s legal proceedings, including the hearing of her appeal for house arrest.