Trillanes not subscribing to Duterte’s alleged ‘shortcut’ way to finish criminals

By , on December 3, 2015

Senator Antonio Trillanes III and Davao City Mayor and 2016 presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte (Photo taken from internet)
Senator Antonio Trillanes III and Davao City Mayor and 2016 presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte (Photo taken from internet)

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– Senator Antonio Trillanes III on Wednesday agreed that a number of people are getting frustrated with the rising criminality in the country but warned them not to resort to Rodrigo Duterte’s alleged vigilante-style approach against criminals.

”I agree they are frustrated and it’s quite tempting and I believed a good number of our people are now pointed to take that short cut but I will warn them not to go there,” Trillanes said in a media forum Kapihan sa Manila Bay.

Duterte reportedly admitted his links to the death squad, which is allegedly responsible for summary executions of criminals in Davao City.

The Davao City mayor also reportedly warned he would kill up to 100,000 criminals if elected president.

Trillanes, a vice presidential candidate, believed that the rising violence and criminality can be solved “without resorting to those short cuts.”

The senator, however, clarified that he is not stopping the people from listening to Duterte on what he can offer as new addition to the presidential aspirants in 2016.

”Let’s allow Mayor Duterte to speak so that we can hear and see how his decision process, his value system, his approaches to the problem, then you decide,” Trillanes said. “If you like what you see, then vote for the guy, if not, then don’t.”

Trillanes said there is also segment of the society that accepts Duterte’s style of using cursing words and the mayor’s admission that he is a womanizer.

”Well, they actually believe otherwise. There is a segment of our society who would want a president like that. So it’s up to them,” he said.

Trillanes personally believes that Senator Grace Poe is still the best among the five presidential candidates.

Other presidential wannabes include Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas of the ruling Liberal Party, Vice President Jejomar Binay of the opposition and Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

  • isaykulet

    I go with the idea of the good senator, if you are a leader then you surrender yourself to God by doing the right thing. We follow god we follow constitution. Even criminals have their rights that is written in our Constitution so must respect that.

  • Bicolboi (KSA)

    he admitted in his mouth only…
    my question is why nothing cases filed against him?
    try to think and analyze why he has to mention such barbaric words..

    #Duterte2016 till the end

  • juanito delacruz

    Funny hearing this from the Manila Siege boy. Talk about shortcuts huh..

  • cyan

    He is one of the Best VP candidate . He and Poe should be the next President and VP. Proven and efficient in their work unlike others

  • Julie Castañeda

    I believe din sa statement ni Senator Trillanes na Si Grace Poe padin ang the best among the other candidates. Matalino at may takot sa Diyos Si Trillanes naman matatanggal may paninindigan. Bagay talaga sila mag tandem sa 2016

  • Dendito_Dendoon

    Is that the kind of leader we want? He said the reason he changed his mind and run as president because Poe violated the CONSTITUTION. How about the killings that he is claiming isn’t that an ultimate violation of the Constitution? He is playing on the mind of the people right from the start. How could this guy lead the country? There will be chaos and grave abuse of power if this man will be elected.