Duterte’s children apologized with father’s foul behavior, say he can still lead

By , on December 2, 2015

Rodrigo Duterte's children: Sara Duterte-Carpio, Paolo Duterte, and Sebastian Duterte (Photo taken from Pulong Duterte's official Facebook fan page)
Rodrigo Duterte’s children: Sara Duterte-Carpio, Paolo Duterte, and Sebastian Duterte (Photo taken from Pulong Duterte’s official Facebook fan page)

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Davao City Mayor and 2016 presidential candidate Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte’s children apologized for their father’s behavior and assures that he can still lead the country.

Sara “Inday Sara” Duterte-Carpio recently posted in her Instagram account and said she understands the supporters who expressed their anger due to his father’s foul behavior, expressing her thoughts on Duterte’s supporters who commented on mayor’s cursing on Pope Francis.

She said that her father may have a “street thug” manner, but she assured that he’s intelligent enough to become a president.

“I perfectly understand where you are coming from. I apologize for his behavior. Rest assured, he is intelligent enough for the highest public position, unfortunately, he does not have the finesse of Lady Diana. In essence, he is a lawyer with the manners of a street thug,” Sara said in her Instagram account.

Duterte’s son and Davao Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte considered the smear campaign against him and his family “cheap shots.”

“And it has begun. People are picking up dripping mud to throw at us and paint a horrible image of us,” Paolo said.

“There are some who were prompted by agenda, malice, and desperation, impute upon us and vices to make us unfit and unworthy to people’s support and admiration, and all of these are cheap shots.”

Paolo, in his Facebook official page, referred his post to his father’s political rivals as “attack dogs.”

“Other presidentiables’ or vice presidentiables’ “attack dogs” are out and unleashed to prey on the presidential run of our father, Mayor Duterte. If these are their ways of discrediting the mayor, it’s lame and lazy. In such case they’re not “attack dogs” but rather they are more like “newborn puppies” to us. You can do better than this,” said Paolo in his official Facebook fan page post.

“In my younger days, I have had my share of teenage adventurism. I’ve been involved in bar fights, crazy car driving, raging temper and other adventures (or misadventures) which may not be your ideal childhood experiences. I’m not the typical guy who visits museums, libraries, and school chapels. I am one of the few (or many) who went “crazy” over teenage life. I’ve had its best and worst. But all these didn’t send me down the drain. It made me a better person by earning and experiencing life’s lessons first-hand,” he added to his post.

The Davao Vice Mayor finds the criticisms thrown against them unfair, but confident enough to disprove the detractors as they are a “work in progress.”

On Monday, Duterte cussed at Pope Francis during his speech, which made the Catholics expressed their opinions on social media with rage, narrating his experience during the papal visit. He also made it clear that it was not his intention to attack the Pope, but to the government which caused a major disruption during the pontiff’s visit.