‘Samboy Lim Bill’ to set in the Congress

By , on December 1, 2015

01 December 2015       (R-L)  Philippine Heart Assn. (PHA) Council on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Chair,Dr. Francis Lavapie,CPR Coordinator Ronaldo Grande,PHA Council on CPR Member,Dr. Regidor Encabo and The Heart News and Views Managing Editor,Gynna Gagelonia demonstrate the proper use of Defibrillator while administering CPR to a person suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest over yesterday's PSA forum at Shakeys Remedios in Manila.The House of Representatives has passed the so-called 'Samboy Lim Bill that would make the mandatory CPR training in schools nationwide,at least once before graduation,with the goal of saving more lives.According to PHA,doing basic or hands-only CPR increases the cardiac arrest patients survival rate by 33 percent.   ( EY ACASIO / The Standard )
CPR Coordinator Ronaldo Grande (second from right) demonstrates the proper use of a Defibrillator in administering CPR during Tuesday’s PSA Forum. He is joined by PHA Council on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Chairman Dr. Francis Lavapie (right), PHA Council on CPR Member Dr. Regidor Encabo (third from right) and The Heart News and Views Managing Editor Gynna Gagelonia (Photo from Ey Acasio of The Standard)

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – PH Heart Association backs Samboy Bill in coordination with the Department of Education, students will be required to undergo Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Training as part of House Bill 5891, otherwise known as the ‘Samboy Lim Bill,’ which is still pending on both the Upper and Lower Houses.

The bill, authored by Pampanga 1st District Representative and Rain or Shine coach Yeng Guiao, seeks to require students in both private and public schools to undergo CPR training at least once prior to graduation. Dr. Francis Lavapie, Chairman of the Philippine Heart Association Council announced that they are supporting the bill on Tuesday at the Philippine Sportswriters Association Forum at Shakey’s Malate as he emphasized the need for everyone to learn the application of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or commonly known as CPR.

“More lives will be saved if everyone is equipped with proper knowledge in CPR, especially in sporting activities where participants can be a victim of heart attack,” said Lavapie.

In front of sportswriters and photographers during the session, PHA member Dr. Regidor Encabo demonstrated the proper method of applying CPR to a heart attack victim. “We support the Samboy Lim Bill as part of our advocacy,” said Lavapie.

“It’s everybody’s role to save lives. We also make sports safe for everyone.” The bill was named after Lim, the basketball great, who fell into a coma after suffering a heart attack last year while playing in an exhibition game.

Under the proposed bill, the PHA will provide training to personnel of government agencies such as the DepEd and the Department of Health, while at the same time, making CPR as part of the curriculum of every school.