DOH warns public against haze

By , on October 27, 2015

(Photo from Wikipedia)
(Photo from Wikipedia)

Manila—The Department of Health (DOH) yesterday has released an advisory on the effects of haze to those living in Visayas and Mindanao.

The haze caused by peatland forest fires has killed 10 in Indonesia and has caused respiratory ailments in half a million. Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand have also been affected.

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) observed smoke-haze in Southern Philippines, specifically in Mindanao and some islands in the Visayas.

The ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Center based in Singapore, conducted wind analysis and has found that equatorial winds enhanced by Typhoon Lando have reached the Philippines. This may have caused smoke-haze to be carried over the Philippines.

Due to the health issues that may be acquired from the haze, DOH advises the public, especially those living in Visayas and Mindanao to stay indoors where there is good ventilation.

If staying indoors is not possible, the public must wear appropriate dust masks when stepping outside of their homes. Physical activities in heavily polluted areas must also be avoided.

When on the road, the public is advised to use headlights or fog lights, follow the required minimum speed level, and exercise extreme caution when driving in low visibility areas. Drivers must also ensure that their vehicles are in good running condition. They are also asked to avoid low-lying areas where smoke and suspended particles may settle.

Lastly, the DOH asks the public to tune in to the radio or television for more health advisories.

If experiencing cough, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, increased tearing of the eye, and nose or throat irritation, consult your doctor, advised the DOH.