Inventor aims to revolutionize waste removal with bio-toilet

By on October 26, 2015

ASAHIKAWA, JAPAN – A dry bio-toilet invented in Japan’s Hokkaido has created a solution to odor and sanitation problems in remote or disaster-hit areas where no suitable sewage system is available, and its creator hopes that the device might one day revolutionize human waste disposal worldwide.

Developer of the “Bio-Lux” toilet, Toshihiro Kitsui, 68, president of Seiwa Denko Co., says that with only sawdust and a screw mixing mechanism, the system can be almost a permanent personal waste solution, with little odor or upkeep.

“The sawdust will remain dry even after use and the mixture can be used as fertilizer,” the Asahikawa-based Kitsui said. “Our toilet is as capable as a flush toilet.”