Protect yourself from cyber threats

By , on October 16, 2015

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Most of us have multitasks online. We check our emails, do work or business, communicate and research using our devices.

Others have taken things to the next level and do shopping and banking online.

Whether one keeps in touch with friends through social networking sites, or one is doing business transactions online, it’s always good to be safe.

Even if a person is using the latest and most expensive gadgets, or he/she is sporting the most budget-friendly smartphone, note that no one is spared from cyber threats, not even government offices.

Is your device prone to virus? Have you had an internet account that was hacked? Ever noticed something happened on the screen even if you didn’t click anything?

Good news is, you can always protect yourself from cyber threats.

Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company, launched on Thursday a new set of security solutions equipped with updated privacy features.

These solutions ensure that users are protected in whatever they do on their device online, and in whichever platform they use such as Windows, OS or Android.

Sanjeev Nair, corporate communications manager, Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia, said that the company recognized that people would like to protect their personal data and privacy from cyber criminals.

In Kaspersky Lab Consumer IT Security Risks Survey 2015, it showed that the number of internet users who are concerned about their online privacy had significantly increased from last year.

It revealed that 70 percent of users are concerned that someone could gain access to their personal files; 61 percent worry that there may be programs on their devices that collect information about them; and 49 percent do not trust their own webcams, citing that cameras are known to be frequently used to spy the device’s owner.

To address these issues, Kaspersky Lab have updated privacy features which now include: Private Browsing, Change Control, Privacy Cleaner and Webcam Protection.

Private Browsing

Kaspersky Lab shared that some advertising agencies and social networks usually request information about users’ browsing activities, locations, etc. These information can be accessed via the browser and they can actually resell the information.

Through the Private Browsing feature, users are prevented from being identified via cookie files. Private Browsing will remove data from the internet traffic and it will report any blocked requests to the user through a dedicated plugin.

Change Control

Through this, the user will get an alert if a program changes that computer’s browser or system settings. It will detect any process attempting to introduce changes.

Privacy Cleaner

This will help remove all traces of user activity from a Windows computer, including browser history plus the list of the most recent documents opened/viewed. It actually prevents the tracking of your website habits, and blocks the capture of your personal information.

Webcam Protection

It will prevent the inception of images from the webcam, and will notify the user when it is accessed by legitimate applications.

All these features are available in Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) and Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device (KIS MD).

Nair said that for every purchase of Kaspersky Lab product, the customer will have an option to create a MyKaspersky account, which will let the user manage the security in all of his/her gadgets/devices.

KIS-MD, for instance, is good for up to five devices.

Let no one fall as victim. Now is the time to protect yourself from cyber threats.