SkyCable denies signal loss confined to GMA only

By , on September 23, 2015

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SkyCable Corp.’s logo

MANILA – Receiving another complaint over signal disruptions before and during Eat Bulaga’s ‘kalyeserye’ segment, SkyCable Corp. clarified that they did not encounter any ‘network problem’ that could have caused signal loss over GMA network in the past few days.

“In reference to GMA Network’s new complaint on latest reports of signal disruption during the ‘kalyeserye’ segment of Eat Bulaga, SkyCable Corporation reiterates that it did not experience any network problem that could have resulted in the loss of GMA-7’s signal only, similar to earlier reports,” SkyCable said in an official statement.

“If there were incidents of signal loss affecting certain portions of the network in the areas and period referred to, these affected other channels as well, not just GMA 7,” the statement continued.

GMA Network, for its part, earlier claimed receiving reports from inconvenienced SkyCable subscribers who experienced signal loss and degradations on Channel 12 (GMA) this month.

The television network asserted that there was ‘basis to believe that the signal disruptions were effected in order to reduce the viewership level of GMA/Eat Bulaga, which has enamored millions of viewers with its phenomenal AlDub/kalyeserye segment resulting in the program’s very high ratings.’

GMA then filed a complaint against SkyCable before the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) for the cable service provider’s ‘irresponsible acts.’

“It is significant that the signal loss and degradations are confined to SkyCable Channel 12 (GMA-7) only to the exclusion of other must-carry channels,” the Kapuso network said in a statement.

It can be noted that this has not been the first time GMA complained over signal disruptions during the airing of Eat Bulaga. The network also filed a similar case just last month.