Sheryl Cruz on cousin Grace Poe: Presidency too soon for her

By , on September 23, 2015

Sheryl Cruz (Facebook photo)
Sheryl Cruz (Facebook photo)

MANILA – Actress Sheryl Cruz, cousin of Senator Grace Poe, was vocal on her belief that Poe should not seek the country’s highest post this soon.

“I don’t plan to make a scene or be the center of attraction. I have spoken because I also have an obligation as a Filipino, as a voter, and as a taxpayer. I believe this is not the right time for her to run. I just voiced out my sentiments, is that wrong?” Cruz told reporters.

“We are in a democracy. Am I not free to express my opinion, which I believe the rest of the family shares?” she added.

Cruz clarified, however, that she saw Poe as a capable government official but hoped that her cousin would instead finish her first term as senator and gain more experience before running for a higher elective post.

“I love my cousin. Never question that. I supported my cousin during her senatorial candidacy. I toured the whole Philippines to represent her. If I don’t believe in her capability, why would I do that?” she said, still firm on her stand against the neophyte senator’s presidential bid.

“It’s just too soon for her. It may be better if she could draft more laws as a senator, then maybe in the 2022 presidential elections, she would be ready. Because, like what I said, this is politics, not showbiz. It’s more complicated, dirtier. This is my opinion, and I rarely speak,” she added.