Carpio: Poe a naturalized citizen, not a natural-born

By , on September 22, 2015

Associate Justice Antonio Carpio (Photo from the Supreme Court)
Associate Justice Antonio Carpio (Photo from the Supreme Court)

MANILA –During the hearing on the disqualification case filed against Senator Grace Poe, Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio disclosed that Poe, who was a foundling, was not a natural-born but was a naturalized citizen instead.

Thus, the presidential aspirant, first had to prove that either of her biological parents is a Filipino for her to be a natural-born citizen qualified to hold public office.

Carpio cited the Constitution’s principle of jus sanguini (right of blood) which stated that ‘citizenship is not determined by place of birth but by having one or both parents who are citizens of the state.’

“To be natural-born, you must show blood relation,” he said.

Foundlings in the Philippines, on the other hand, were made Filipino citizens through the international law’s naturalization of citizenship.

“That’s when you grant passport to foundling. That gives a foundling citizenship, which is naturalized citizenship – not natural-born… Senator Poe is at least a citizen of the Philippines,” he added.

Poe, for her part, has started searching for her biological parents. Her lawyer, George Garcia, told the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) that she has already undergone DNA tests with possible relatives.