Mayweather Sr.: Pacquiao only made up excuses over loss

By , on September 5, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Screengrab from
Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Screengrab from Fight Hype)

Still undefeated American boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s  megabout may have already been done months ago, but Mayweather’s father has still been throwing verbal jabs against his former opponent.

Mayweather won the megafight via unanimous decision. Pacquiao, however, later on admitted suffering a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder prior the boxing match.

Although he healed weeks before the bout, the Filipino boxer claimed that his shoulder injury recurred during the early rounds of the fight and this caused him to slow down with his punches.

Floyd Mayweather Sr., however, only dismissed Pacquiao’s injury and insisted that there was nothing wrong with him physically but his loss was only due to his lack of heart.

“He (Pacquiao) want to make up excuses, talking about his arm and… there wasn’t nothing wrong with his arm, wasn’t nothing wrong with his eyes, wasn’t nothing wrong with his lips. Something was wrong with his heart,” he said in an interview with Fight Hype.

“He couldn’t cruise. Floyd was tearing him up. He couldn’t do nothing. Pacquiao is just a liar with no skills,” he added.

Mayweather Sr. also believed that his son’s next opponent, American boxer Andre Berto, would likely put up a better fight.

“I think Berto will probably give a better fight than Pacquiao because didn’t do nothing at all,” he said in the same interview.

The former boxer cited a previous interview where Coach Freddie Roach admitted that he thought Mayweather Jr. did beat Pacquiao.

“Did he finally say that he thought that my son won? Oh man, me and Freddie Roach might get to be the best friends in the world,” he added, mentioning that it was probably the first time that Roach said something true.