Tech Tips: How to stop from being tracked around the web

By , on August 31, 2015

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In this guide, we dive into three popular browser extensions that protect your privacy online and keep your personal data safe. These add-ons prevent third-party tracking cookies and scripts from tracking your movements by routing all your Internet activities and securing your connections. Some of these even block ads and widgets from sites you visit.

Disconnect Private Browsing

Disconnect is a free privacy and security add-on compatible with browsers Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. It protects you from tracking, malware, malvertising and widgetjacking as it gives you full control of site scripts and elements and protects your cookies from being stolen.

Just visit and click Get Disconnect, then over 5,000 tracking sites will no longer be able to trace your Internet use, including activities in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google. Moreover, you will also be informed who or what organization is behind these trackers. Just roam into the Disconnect badge in the browser toolbar and you’d see the list of trackers grouped in categories such as Advertising, Analytics and Social. You’re also given the option to unblock a certain tracker, like those related to content. Disconnect, however, is not available for Internet Explorer and on mobile devices.

Disconnect is considered as one of the best in its kinds as it is trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide.



Ghostery is another privacy add-on which is more versatile than Disconnect since it is compatible with Internet Explorer, iOS and Android. It has a clear tracking panel good for novice users and has a feature which keeps your searches private. The extension has a drawback though, as it only blocks about 1,600 malicious tracking sites.

Just go to and install the add-on. You may opt to download the software as well and get more detailed information on the invisible trackers and decide whether to block them if they’re intrusive or add them in the exemption list if they seem harmless.


DoNotTrackMe has the similar compatibility with Ghostery sans the iOS and Android. It may only cover around 600 tracking sites but its interface is more interactive and informative that the other privacy add-ons with its colorful drop-down browser toolbar. But along with the few trackers in its database, it also allows some plug-ins and scripts to go through in its default setting leaving you with unsecured connections. You can block more cookies and scripts though should you customize the extension.

Visit and click Get DoNotTrackMe Free. Aside from blocking trackers, this add-on also has an “awards” system which gives “medals” when trackers are found and prevented from obtaining your personal data. Offering less protection by default, this extension may appeal more to those who prefer having full control of which trackers to block or allow.

Diconnect, Ghostery and DoNotTrackMe may seem to function similarly but their compatibility, tracker database and ease of use set them apart. Depending on your personal preferences, these privacy add-ons will surely surely keep you safe from privacy and security threats while browsing the web.