Bow House Ambassadogs: Official Representatives of Cuteness

By , on August 31, 2015

#AmbassadogPH: Even tiny dogs need space. This little guy is loving all the space with the Bowsket from Bow House.
#AmbassadogPH: Even tiny dogs need space. This little guy is loving all the space with the Bowsket from Bow House.

Our family deserves only the best and that includes the furry members of our family.

Bow House, the country’s pioneer in “modern barkitecture” launched its #AmbassadogPH campaign in July 2015 in search of the cutest pooch to dwell on their renowned “Muttress” (a luxurious dog bed made from premium fabrics), “Bowsket” (a dog bed in a metal basket, specifically designed for man’s best friend) and the “Dome Home”—an ultra modern crate for your furry playmate which doesn’t look like a prison.

#AmbassadogPH: This adorable fella is enjoying his new Dome Home from Bow House.
#AmbassadogPH: This adorable fella is enjoying his new Dome Home from Bow House.

Out of nearly 500 submissions on Facebook and Instagram, Bow House chose 16 Ambassadogs. Each Ambassadog got to take home their very own Muttress courtesy of Bow House. They were also invited for a photo shoot with fashion photographer Lyka Orhel.

The first batch of Ambassadogs had their fun and furry photos to showcase their “fursonality” and Bow House products last Saturday, August 22, at Makati City’s up-and-coming co-working hub, The Office Project.

#AmbassadogPH: Comfort fit for man's best friend--thanks to this Muttress from Bow House.
#AmbassadogPH: Comfort fit for man’s best friend–thanks to this Muttress from Bow House.

Here are seven of Bow House PH’s Ambassadogs:


“is that… bacon?” #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchies #buhi

A photo posted by Lupi & Nori (@lupiandnori) on

Ambassadogs: Lupi and Nori

Breed: French Bulldog
Human: Sam Potenciano
Instagram: @lupiandnori
Lupi and Nori are playful bursts of energy. One-year-old Lupi and her brother 7-month-old Nori are both friendly and curious. They enjoyed roaming around The Office Project and meeting new furry friends.  


Ambassadog: Logan

Breed: Welsh Corgi
Human: Ruth Cariño
Instagram: @loganthewelsh
Like what his human told this writer, 10-month-old Logan has a dominant fursonality. But when it comes to his humans, he’s a sweet travel buddy. Logan loves tagging along with his human’s surf escapades.


Thank you for making me one of your newest ambassadog!! Loving my new muttress!! ❤️

A photo posted by Chowder (@chowderthebeardog) on

Ambassadog: Chowder

Breed: Chow Chow
Human: Bea Lozano
Instagram: @chowderthebeardog
Everybody in The Office Project immediately fell in love with two-year-old Chowder the second he walked in. He looks exactly like a cinnamon-colored teddy bear, except he walks around a lot and he’s more huggable. According to his human, Chowder thinks he’s human, too!  


It’s my advance birthdaaay celebration tomorrow!!! #2 💛 A photo posted by Mr. Phineas Paddington (@mrphineasp) on

Ambassadog: Finn
Breed: Yorkshire
Human: Lyka Orhel
Instagram: @mrphineasp
Finn may be tiny but his fursonality is huge! At first, he was a scared little pup, but when he got the hang of the photo shoot, Finn started strutting his stuff.


When you’re a model, candid is always cute #ambassadogph

A photo posted by Peggy (@pegolet) on

Ambassadog: Peggy
Breed: Parson Russell Terrier
Human: Sarie Cruz
Instagram: @pegolet
You may recognize Peggy from a TV commercial where she hurriedly ran home to Nanay’s home- cooked tinola. Yep, Peggy’s a celebrity and she has two commercials under her belt. She was so well behaved during the shoot, she didn’t give the staff a hard time. What a professional!  


Ambassadog: Alba
Breed: Samoyed
Human: Mark Ong
Instagram: @albathesammy
Alba is another professional during the Ambassadog photo shoot. According to her human, she’s been trained to pose for photos (even with props!) since she was a small puppy. Whether she’s rocking her Russian grandma look with a silk scarf or donning her glasses for a professorial look or simply being herself, Alba can steal anybody’s heart. Her human describes her as his “little princess” and it’s easy to see why. Don’t forget to greet her this October when she turns two years old!


bow house
About Bow House PH

Bow House is the brainchild of Migi Manalastas, a dog lover and serial entrepreneur. He started designing dog beds as an experiment, but as more family and friends got interested in his creations, he realized its powerful business potential. He then launched Bow House in December 2014.

Bow House’s philosophy is simple: “We love dogs as much as we love good design.” According to them, dog crates and pet beds need not be an eyesore. Bow House’s goal is to bring “modern barkitecture” to the forefront and make pet furniture the centerpiece of every pet owner’s home.

Find out more about their products at or check them out on Facebook and on Instagram ( For orders and inquiries, send them a message at


the office project
About The Office Project

The Office Project (TOP) is the realization of interior designer Doreen Adriano and educator Shumate Royo’s dreams of creating a space where freelancers and students can work/study and where start-up companies can hold meetings and events.

After months of planning, the concept of The Office Project was born. And on August 6, 2015, they officially opened TOP Salcedo in Makati.

The TOP Team consists of Doreen (founder and managing director), Shumate (project manager), Yen Olay (community manager), and John Young (liaison officer).

With stunning and comfortable interiors from Doreen’s design firm Teodora Interiors, excellent service, hi-speed fiber-optic Internet connection, and free flowing coffee—the last two being the lifeblood of all freelancers—The Office Project offers more than just a space to work. It opens more opportunities for collaboration and growth.

For more information about TOP, visit their website at or check out their Facebook page and Instagram account (@theofficeprojectph).
The Office Project is located at Unit 1C, Alpha Salcedo Condominium, Bautista cor. Sanchez Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.