PAL profits surge amid strong passenger growth

By , on August 28, 2015

Philippine Airlines (Wikimedia Commons)
Philippine Airlines (Wikimedia Commons)

MANILA — The Philippine Airlines (PAL) recorded a surging net income following strong passenger growth and sustained lower fuel prices.

The airlines reversed its three years of losses with a comprehensive net income of $20.4 million

This year, PAL saw its net income surge to $138 million, a figure that is not impossible to reach, according to chief operating officer, Jaime Bautista.

He said that it is not far-fetched given the higher passenger traffic.

PAL, meanwhile, aims to sustain the profit increase in the coming months.

“This is a big improvement from the 2014 performance. We will sustain this profitability “ he said.

“There are months that we are expecting losses. Traditionally, airlines lose money during these months. But we will try to minimize the loss,” he said.