Kris Aquino rushed to hospital after high blood pressure, headache

By , on August 25, 2015

Bimby Yap hugs his mom Kris Aquino who also had a fever earlier this month. (Photo from Aquino's official Instagram account)
Bimby Yap hugs his mom Kris Aquino who also had a fever earlier this month.
(Photo from Aquino’s official Instagram account)

MANILA – Kapamilya host-actress Kris Aquino was rushed to the Medical City after having high blood pressure and experiencing persistent headache in the previous days while taping for her reality talk show “Kris TV.”

When Aquino’s blood pressure reached 150/100 on Monday evening, she was then brought to the hospital. Her blood pressure was already at 200/110 when she arrived in the emergency room.

According to her doctors, if Aquino was not immediately brought to the hospital, her blood pressure could have been higher and she would have suffered a mild stroke.

After being confined for a couple of hours, the Queen of All Media was discharged on Tuesday. She then took to Instagram and admitted that what happened was a ‘wake up call’ for her to take better care of her health.

“I’m headed home but I need to first say thank you to my sons and siblings… [and doctors] for taking good care of me,” she said in her post.

“I will never again abuse my body because I was a slave to my work. My goal now is to achieve a healthy work and life balance,” she added. “Last night was a scary wake up call for me… but it also made me realize how much my siblings and sons love and care for me. It really [puts] my priorities in proper perspective.”

Aquino had a hectic schedule for the whole month as she had been filming for Star Cinema’s “Etiquette for Mistresses” while continuing taping for “Kris TV” and her entertainment news show “Aquino and Abunda Tonight.”