House OKs bill recognizing Canadian American Education Foundation, Inc. as an educational institution

By on August 19, 2015

Canadian American School Inc. (Facebook)
Canadian American School Inc. (Facebook)

MANILA — The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a bill recognizing the Canadian American Education Foundation, Inc. as a basic educational institution of international character.

House Bill 5857, which substituted House Bill 5376 authored by Rep. Roman T. Romulo (Lone District, Pasig City), seeks to provide Filipinos with the opportunity to learn a unique Canadian and American mode of procedure of education.

Romulo said the bill also allows more educational institutions to come in so that the country could expand access to education.

The bill, which was endorsed through Committee Report No. 772 by the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture chaired by Rep. Kimi S. Cojuangco (5th District, Pangasinan), provides for school membership of parents or guardians, whether of Philippine or foreign nationality, of children enrolled for at least one school year in the Canadian American Education Foundation, Inc.

Romulo said the unique international curriculum of the Canadian American School integrates the latest scientific findings on brain and intelligence research as well as critical pedagogy pertaining to diversity and inclusive education and language study at the age when a child learns multiple languages naturally and intuitively.

“The Canadian American School (CAS) in Manila is a modest attempt at building a truly “global village” or “global civil society” through an educational institution primarily based on the philosophy of interconnectedness. Such philosophy endeavors to immerse and inculcate in our young people even as toddlers, of all nationalities and varying cultures, disciplines and religions to recognize and embrace the interconnectedness that bonds us all,” Romulo said.

Romulo said the curriculum exposes students to proper use of technology and culturally responsive teaching through the use of multicultural and interactive learning materials.

The bill provides that no group of foreign nationality shall comprise more than one-third of the school’s enrollment.

The bill allows the Canadian American School to continue carrying out its educational programs, improve its standard of instruction, and meet the special needs of the foreign temporary resident community for quality education.

The Canadian American School is also authorized to accept provisions and donations of every kind, the right to obtain leases on real properties and acquisition of personal properties and accept applicants for admission regardless of nationality.

Likewise, it is also allowed to determine its own basic education curriculum, maintain standards of education, employ its own teaching and management personnel, promote international friendship, goodwill and understanding and prohibit the teaching of anything derogatory to the prestige and well-being of the Philippines.

Under the measure, the Department of Education and Culture (DECS), in consultation with the Canadian and American Embassies and the members of the Board of the Canadian School, is mandated to issue the implementing rules and regulations.