Smart offers new app that allows kids to watch popular educational TV show

By on August 18, 2015

(Shanice Garcia / PCI)
(Shanice Garcia / PCI)

MANILA, Aug. 17 (PNA) — Mobile leader Smart Communications (Smart) on Monday announced that it has launched a new mobile phone application specifically for kids in kindergarten up to Grade 3.

The Batibot Android application allows both parents and teachers who grew up with educational TV show Batibot to share with children and students the joy of watching it through a mobile phone application for free.

Smart said that the app contains games that children in their formative years can use to help develop essential thinking skills—basic concepts like matching, sorting, and grouping.

Through the app, they are shown how to identify shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, and letter sounds. The children can also practice tracing letters with the proper strokes.

It also has a feature that provides children with access to stories in Filipino, with the aim of establishing a firm foundation for early and emergent literacy

This app is also first learning app in Filipino that is aligned with the national kindergarten curriculum of the Department of Education (DepEd).

Smart public affairs head Mon Isberto, in a statement, said that the company has always been supportive of making learning fun, engaging, and interactive for students with the help of digital and mobile technologies.

“By digitizing Batibot, Smart is addressing the need of children for localized educational content,” Isberto said.

“We also hope to make learning a shared experience between the parents and teachers, who grew up with the Batibot TV show, and their kids and students, who can now enjoy the Batibot experience on mobile devices,” he added.